North Korea: a new strategic weapon in the near future

Wednesday 01st January 2020 - 15:35

North Korea: a new strategic weapon in the near future

Baghdad - INA

North Korean News Agency announced today, Wednesday, that leader Kim Jong-un has promised to continue strengthening nuclear deterrence and unveiling a "new strategic weapon" in the near future.

According to the North Korean News Agency, Kim confirmed that the extent of his country's nuclear deterrence will depend on America's position, accusing Washington of its demands similar to gang actions. But at the same time, he left the door open to dialogue.

Kim's comments came after the end of the year, which he had given to the United States to resume nuclear talks.

The North Korean leader called for "positive and offensive measures" to ensure security during a meeting of the ruling Korean Workers' Party (PKK) on Sunday.Kim met with senior party officials on Saturday to discuss important policy issues amid heightened tensions over a deadline he gave Washington to soften its stance in stalled negotiations, aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.