Abdul Mahdi to Trump: Iraqi Forces continue to protect US Embassy

Tuesday 31st December 2019 - 23:32

Abdul Mahdi to Trump: Iraqi Forces continue to protect US Embassy


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received a phone call from US President Donald Trump, who inquired about the situations in Iraq and the developments regarding the US embassy in Baghdad.

The Prime Minister explained to Trump that this came after the recent painful events, and that he had previously explained to the US Secretary of Defense and the seriousness of its consequences.

Abdul Mahdi added that the Iraqi security forces continue to fulfill their duty to protect the US embassy and other diplomatic missions and representations.

He affirmed that the Iraqi government has always sought to maintain good relations with neighboring countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as friendly western countries, particularly the United States of America, but the situation has deteriorated due to differences between the two sides and that Iraq wants to be a country of negotiation and calm to remove the danger of war on behalf of Iraq and everyone.

PM Abdul Mahdi said to the American President: "You remember that you do not want war and we hear from the Iranian leaders a similar position, and Iraq has stressed the importance of negotiations or at least reaching realistic arrangements and agreements to calm down,"

In turn, US President Donald Trump stressed his confidence in the importance of the role and leadership of Iraq and what it can play in this regard, and the two Presidents agreed to keep direct lines open between them to follow up on the matter.