Deputy for Saeroun: The meeting of the Sadr advisor focused on two axes

Tuesday 24th December 2019 - 15:45

Deputy for Saeroun: The meeting of the Sadr advisor focused on two axes

Baghdad -INA

The deputy of the Alliance of Saeron Ghayb Al-Amiri affirmed today that the meeting held by the alliance with the Special Adviser to Muqtada Al-Sadr, Sheikh Kazem Al-Issawi, focused on two important axes.

Al-Amiri said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The meeting dealt with several points, the most important of which is the largest bloc and the way forward to vote on a fair electoral law based on the multiplicity of districts and the highest votes."

He added that "the demands of the demonstrators are among the most important axes that the coalition seeks to achieve, whether it is in choosing a prime minister or appointing an interim government and then going to early elections."

The council of Representatives has postponed its session to today, Tuesday, to continue the differences over Articles 15 and 16 of the Electoral Law.

The correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency, reported that the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives submitted 9 proposals to resolve the dispute regarding Article 15 of the Electoral Law.

He added that the discussions resulted in reducing the nine proposals to three, which will be discussed by the council of Representatives at its session tomorrow, Tuesday, and if the council votes on Article 15, Article 16 will be passed automatically.

Today, Tuesday, the Construction Alliance announced its commitment to its candidate, Qusay Al-Suhail, to head the new government.

A spokesperson for the Al-Fath Al-Muddawi Party, within the Construction Alliance, Ahmed Al-Asadi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The construction is continuing with dialogues with its coalition partners regarding the largest bloc candidate, and his nomination will be finalized today after the largest bloc has been installed."

Al-Asadi added, "We have the documents officially proving that we are the largest bloc registered in the parliament."