INA: Details of security situations in central and southern governorates

Monday 23rd December 2019 - 15:31

INA: Details of security situations in central and southern governorates


Iraqi News Agency – INA correspondents reported that peaceful demonstrations continued in eight provinces, with closing few bridges and main areas.

According to INA correspondent, since the early morning hours, Rumaila road was cut by the demonstrators where the oil companies are located, as well as the cutting of roads leading to the Burjusiya and Umm Qasr, Basra.

He added that the remaining areas of the province witnessed a natural movement and the roads are open to the movement of vehicles.

The official working hours in the government departments continue and there has been no delay.

Meanwhile, few bridges in Dhi Qar were closed by demonstrators, while the peaceful demonstrators continued in Al-Haboubi Square in the city center.

As for Babel, there was a closure of some major roads while causing traffic congestion.

Holy Najaf Governorate were on security stability with the flow of vehicles the except Iskan bridge, which is still closed since the beginning of the demonstrations, but protection still provided for the ancient city with the arrival of visitors to the holy shrine of Imam Ali, (peace be upon him).

On the other hand, INA correspondent in Karbala said that the demonstrators closed a number of main roads leading to the provincial center in tires, such as the Ramadan neighbourhood highway and some intersections near the demonstrations square in the Education Square.

He pointed out that "the security forces are deployed extensively in the governorate to provide the necessary protection for peaceful demonstrators, as well as the deployment of local police checkpoints to check the motorcycle papers inside the city,"

Governorates of Maysan, Wasit and Muthanna were on a closure of some bridges and main roads by the demonstrators in the early morning hours.