President Salih waits for the Parliament reply to assign the biggest bloc candidate

Monday 23rd December 2019 - 17:20

President Salih waits for the Parliament reply to assign the biggest bloc candidate


Iraqi News Agency – INA correspondent, who is currently in the (presidential) Peace Palace in Baghdad, said that President Barham Salih is waiting for the response of the Parliament about deciding the largest bloc and its candidate.

Quoting the President, “Waiting an answer from the Presidency of the Parliament to be via an official letter includes specifying the largest bloc and the name of its candidate to head the new government,"

According to the constitution, Salih will immediately assign the name of the largest bloc candidate, if he was sent by the parliament presidency, and he cannot approve the requests of the political blocs and the names of their candidates.

Earlier, President Salih referred the answer of the Federal Court regarding the largest bloc to the Parliament.

The President asked the parliament to determine the largest bloc to present its candidate for prime minister.

Yesterday, Supreme Federal Court issued a statement regarding the largest bloc in which it adopted its book issued on 3/25/2010 and confirmed in it, that the expression of (the largest number of parliamentary bloc) mentioned in Article (76) of the constitution means: Either for the bloc formed after Elections through one electoral list, or the bloc formed after the elections from two or more lists from the electoral lists and entered the House of Representatives and its members took the oath in the first session with the largest number of the rest of the blocs, then the President of the Republic assigns its candidate to form a cabinet according to Article 76 From the constitution and within the period specified in it.