Construction Alliance waits for the Federal Court decision

Saturday 21st December 2019 - 17:12

Construction Alliance waits for the Federal Court decision


Construction Alliance announced that it is waiting for the Federal Court's decision to name the largest bloc that shall announce the name of its candidate for prime minister.

This came during a press conference for the Construction Alliance where it also stated that the President of the Republic demanded adherence to constitutional times and that the candidate for prime minister has been submitted to the President.

“The meeting held today came to confirm the directives of the Highest Religious Authority – Marja’ to expedite the formation of the government and the approval of the election law," included the statement.

Representative of the Construction Alliance Ahmed al-Asadi pointed that "when the Federal Court determines who the largest bloc is, then the Prime Minister's candidate will be announced,”

"The debate over the electoral districts will be settled today and will vote on the electoral law as well," added al-Asadi.