6 conditions to support the new prime minister's candidate

Friday 20th December 2019 - 18:23

6 conditions to support the new prime minister's candidate

Baghdad - INA

The Iraqi PowerfulAlliance bloc announced that it would not support any candidate for the post of prime minister unless he was independent, while setting 6 conditions to support the new prime minister candidate.

"The coalition will not support or vote for any candidate for the position of Prime Minister unless it is independent and not affiliated with partisan entities," said Raad Al-Dahlaki, deputy for the Iraqi Forces Alliance bloc, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency .

He added, "Attempts to nominate partisan and non-independent parties and to jump on the specifications set by the youth of the uprising in the demonstration arenas are a provocation to their feelings, an absence of their will, and a justification for declaring chaos, which may lead the country into the unknown."

Al-Dahlaki continuedThe alliance of forces will not impose any specific names or personalities to occupy the position, and it does not have any red lines on specific people or entities, but it looks at the specifications set by the masses, which are the criteria by which we will support or oppose any personality that is nominated to fill the position.

Al-Dahlaki summarized the criteria set by the Alliance of Forces to ensure a strong, brave and impartial Prime Minister (independence, impartiality, competence, experience, integrity, and the ability to make fateful decisions away from partisan pressures and narrow allegiances), noting that whoever meets the above criteria is the one who He will have our support, cooperation and vote for him.