President Salih asks to exert pressure on blocs’ leaders

  • 17-12-2019, 17:09
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    Member of Parliament Aboud Al-Issawi revealed upon the request of the President Barham Salih to exert pressure on the leaders of the political blocs to present a candidate acceptable by the people.

    “We are the representatives of a gathering that includes 170 deputies. We met the president of the republic and discussed the latest developments to nominate a new prime minister as we show the position we hold by being close to the demonstrators and we have relations with the coordination of the demonstrations," said Al-Issawi in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency – INA.

    He added: "In recognition of the critical period, the lack of time and the sanctity of blood that was given, we have insisted on passing an independent, capable and experienced personality, apart from the agendas of the parties, and our gathering will support the next candidate,"

    Al-Issawi, who is a deputy from the state of law,

    Informed political sources revealed that President Salih, has received a list that includes a number of names nominated to chair the government, and that the President of the Republic may go to assign the candidate of the Prime Minister apart from naming the largest bloc.

    The Parliament answered the President by specifying the largest bloc to assign the Prime Minister.

    A decree issued by the Parliament No. 1338 issued on 16th of Oct, 2019 signed by Deputy Speaker Hassan Al-Kaabi; Iraqi News Agency – INA obtained a copy of it; that "The House of Representatives previously answered in a decree No. 2535 issued on 2nd of Oct, 2018 about the name of the largest bloc, on the basis of which the resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi was tasked with forming the government.

    President Salih asked the Parliament in a decree yesterday’s Monday, to name the largest bloc that is to nominate the Prime Minister.

    Noting that, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi submitted his resignation from office on 4th of Dec, 2019 to the Parliament.