Finance: Iraq paid $20 billion of foreign debts

Tuesday 17th December 2019 - 16:40

Finance: Iraq paid $20 billion of foreign debts


Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that Iraq paid more than $20 billion of the total external debts owed by Iraq.

The standing foreign debts on Iraq are $27 billion and $41 billion are for Saudi Arabia that are not recognized because they are given debts to the former regime during the Iran-Iraq war, stated the Head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jabouri to Iraqi News Agency – INA.

He added that the debts on Iraq were more than $50 billion, more than $20 billion was paid during the last period.

For her part, MP Majda Al-Tamimi revealed the total foreign loans and borrows from the World Bank and other foreign parties to support investment and the budget deficit.

“There is a loan in 2015 worth $1 billion and 200 millio, and in 2016 there is a loan worth $1 billion and 443 million," stated al-Tamimi to INA.