The carpentry profession boomed after the national product support campaigns

Monday 16th December 2019 - 16:27

The carpentry profession boomed after the national product support campaigns

Baghdad - Maladh Alamin

Photo by - Safaa Alwan

The profession of carpentry (furniture industry) is currently experiencing a recovery lost during the past ten years after the national campaign to support the local product, which was initiated by the government and a number of associations and civil society organizations and accompanied by unparalleled media support in social media, which clearly affected the accumulation of imported goods at Merchants due to the citizen's reluctance to buy it.

As we know, the profession of carpentry in the seventies of the last century was one of the successful professions where Iraqi families used to buy furniture, bedrooms, libraries, reception rooms, and tables from carpentry shops in their areas, and in Baghdad, the Salhiya area became famous for local furniture exhibitions, which were displayed in wide stores that display types and models. Modern bedrooms, reception and dining tables, made by carpentry "footsteps" in Iraq from design, cutting wood, dyeing, and modern decorations.

The master Thamer Jawad Khamis (Abu Laith) worked 45 years ago in carpentry. He said: He inherited this work from his father who inherited it from his grandfather. He pointed out that the carpentry profession is a beautiful profession and I used to work in my father’s place while I was a student where I completed my studies and went back to work In the place you inherited it from.

He added that the Iraqis have returned to the request of the Iraqi furniture industry in a good rate, but he hopes that it will rise and return to its previous era and move away from the manufactured and imported furniture, as it is made from the types of compressed wood that is damaged from being exposed to moisture or strong pressure.

Abu Laith continued that his customers describe the Iraqi product of furniture as the age of in the sense that it is good and unaffected and remains a long life, explaining that one of the customers is still keeping his mother's bedroom that my father made in the fifties of the last century.