Marja’ Friday’s Sermon in details

Friday 13th December 2019 - 15:03

Marja’ Friday’s Sermon in details


Iraqi Media Network delivers, in details, the Friday’s sermon of the representative of the Highest Religious Authority, Sayyed Ahmed al-Safi.

It included,

“The second anniversary of victory announcement against Daesh terrorist groups has passed few days ago. It was a great historical battle that the Iraqis fought and liberated dear parts of their homeland that had been seized by the terrorist groups. They have given, for more than three years, tens of thousands of martyrs, injuries and wounded. They have written bright shining pages in the history of Iraq with letters of honor and dignity. They presented the most beautiful pictures of heroism and redemption in defense of the land, the people and the holy sanctities.

On this occasion that is dear to the hearts of all Iraqis, we remember, with honor and dignity, the righteous martyrs who watered the soil of the homeland with their fine blood, so they rose to the highest levels of glory and dignity. We go with the highest verses of respect and appreciation to the loved ones from their families, to the wounded and disabled, and to the heroic fighters who still many of them continue to valiantly defend the country from the remnants of the terrorists. They pursue the terrorists’ hidden cells in various regions without tiredness or boredom, so they deserve all the words of gratitude and sincere prayers.

Today, we must reaffirm what has been previously mentioned that the building of the army and other Iraqi armed forces should be based on solid professional foundations, so that their loyalty to be for the homeland where they rise to defend against any foreign aggression, and protect the political system emanating from the will of the people in accordance with constitutional and legal frameworks.

We also reaffirm the need to work on improving living conditions in the liberated areas and to rebuild and empower the displaced people to return to their homelands with dignity.