The demonstrations give birth to the Iraqi superheroes

Tuesday 10th December 2019 - 18:43

The demonstrations give birth to the Iraqi superheroes



Grendizer is the superhero of the cartoon movies, who is considered a symbol of love and peace for Iraqi generations. He is returning to Iraq with a number of young men, men and girls, who are revolting, to restore their homeland by facing the most horrific death, according to the description of international organizations including "Amnesty".

May Mohammed 25 documented with the same hand that helped the wounded from live bullets, and the deadly effects of the gas bombs that took many lives of Iraqi demonstrators, the events of the popular revolution and confronted all acts of repression, with a mural inspired by the cartoons superheroes.

May is a pharmacist working in a hospital in the capital Baghdad, is racing against time daily to take from him what allows her to go to Tahrir Square, in the center of the capital, Baghdad, to work with one of the voluntary medical detachments that heal wounded protesters, save their lives, and draw on the walls of a bleak tunnel, turned into Carnival of revolutionary art and colors.

May spoke in a special statement told Iraqi News Agency: What we are going through today is an event that has not been previously recorded in history. I do not know how it will end or who will come after to rule Iraq, but I go to the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, constantly Because I found a home that I had not found for 25 years. She also added that "Whenever I feel tired, and I think about taking a break, only a single phrase comes to mind" If I don't give my utmost now, when then?