Targeting Alhinana is a dangerous message

Sunday 08th December 2019 - 15:28

Targeting Alhinana is a dangerous message

Holy Najaf- INA

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee confirmed the stability of the security situation and the return of life to normal in the province of Najaf.

We are following the events that took place in the governorates during the past days, and we have previously sent a committee to follow them up, the committee's chairman, Mohammad Reza Al-Haidar, said at a press conference held in the Najaf province, which was attended by the Iraqi News Agency. Except for what happened unfortunately in the evening, from the shooting by outlaws of unarmed citizens and demonstrators.

Al-Haydar added that we, as members of the House of Representatives, support the peaceful demonstrations that stirred the stagnation of the political scene and changed much of it, and as a result, important laws were passed in the House of Representatives, including the Electoral Commission law and the amendment of the election law.