Abdul Mahdi: The caretaker government will make decisions on the issues that cannot be postponed

  • 4-12-2019, 17:01
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    Baghdad -INA

    The head of the Caretaker government Adel Abdul-Mahdi said in his speech at the Council of Ministers meeting that the resignation of his government, which came under the guidance of the religious authority, may be useful to absorb the current crisis and one solution.

    Abdul Mahdi called in a speech followed political forces to speed up the selection of a new candidate for the post of prime minister, pointing out that the political forces have fifteen days to choose the prime minister, and before the next prime minister for 30 days to form his government, and he will give everything To form the next government.

    He added that the suffocating crisis in the country prevented him from resigning in those circumstances, and that the demonstrations alerted to closed political equations, indicating that there were mistakes accompanied the state administration, including quotas and corruption, and that the mass movement gives the government a momentum in work and reform, as it was not possible to hold Change in the Commission law and elections without demonstrations.

    Abdul Mahdi said that the caretaker government is less than the normal government, as the caretaker government cannot submit bills to the House of Representatives, including the budget law, which his government tried to submit the bill to the House of Representatives during the month of October, but the circumstances prevented The budget law, noting that his government will report on its achievements for the past period in weights and figures, and will send government accounts for the first time since 2003.