INA: The Decisions of the Cabinet in Details

Tuesday 03rd December 2019 - 18:57

INA: The Decisions of the Cabinet in Details


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi chaired a session of the Cabinet to discuss the government tasks to maintain the state workflow.

The Cabinet issued several decisions and recommendations especially, in terms of slowing down the dealing with importing agricultural products.

According to the constitution, the Cabinet decided the following,

- All the companies, factories, plants, stores, trading shops, industrial shops, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, tourism resorts, work offices, facilities culture, sport and entertainment in addition to hospitals, pharmacies and shopping centres must install cameras with video recording and specify the places with high technical qualifications with a specified period and according to standards issued by the Minister of Interior.

- The places where cameras are installed must put on signs to notify that the place is monitored.

- The specified places above must not give any copy of the recordings unless of making an approval for investigation or according to a judicial decision.

- Cameras must not be installed in the physical therapy room and personal use rooms.

- The Cameras must be checked by the Monitoring and Investigation units to check whether it is abided by the standards of Ministry of Interior to maintain order and security.

These above terms were also followed by other explanatory points as well.

The Cabinet also decided the following points in terms of energy,

  • Authorizing the Ministry of Electricity to sign the original contracts to finish the project of Saladin thermal station with CMEC of a cost as (452.884.312 USD) for 12 months according to the amendment draft number 2 and the decree from Ministry of Finance to support the project.

This came along with other recommendations regarding the contracting, benefits, agreements approvals and insurance in addition to rewarding the civilians and military men with land areas by the Ministry of Reconstruction and Municipality of Baghdad.