PM: I will be delivering my resignation to the Parliament

Friday 29th November 2019 - 15:52

PM: I will be delivering my resignation to the Parliament


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi stated on Friday, that he will be delivering his resignation to the parliament.

His statement included the following,

“I have listened carefully to the statement of the Highest Religious Authority – Marja’ during Firday’s sermon 29th of November, 2019 that included ‘“Regarding the recent deteriorated situations during the past two months in the country and the disability of the concerned parties to overcome the updates by preventing bloodshed and killings, the Parliament, the part that produced the current government must reconsider the choice and act in response to what it is better for the sake of Iraq and the people. It must avoid being dragged into violence, chaos and destruction,’” in a response to this call and to make things easier and faster to be accomplished, I will be delivering an official decree of my resignation to the Parliament for the reconsideration. Knowing that everyone knows that I have already offered this option on public and via official memos for the sake of the country and the people,”

“May Allah protect Iraq and its people and Marja’; the lights and shadow above us all”