Coalition of Forces welcomes UN initiative for national dialogue

Tuesday 12th November 2019 - 17:01

Coalition of Forces welcomes UN initiative for national dialogue

Baghdad - INA

The coalition said in a statement received stand with the demands of peaceful demonstrators, noting that a vivid expression of the suffering of Iraqis in all walks of life as a result of poor services, and that Iraqis deserve a decent life and the right to demand a decent homeland and giving in which their dreams come true. Those who have endured all the injustice of the lean years over the decades have made sacrifices to defend Iraq in the war on terror in order to preserve democracy and the new political order.

The coalition stressed demanding the government to implement the demands of the demonstrators, declaring its readiness to cooperate with the political forces in the country to work on radical reforms, including the adoption of laws that meet the needs of the Iraqi people, calling demonstrators to maintain peaceful demonstrations of vandals of public and private property, And not to attack the security forces.

The meeting called on the government to accelerate the procedures for the return of displaced persons to their homes in the liberated cities of terrorist of Daesh organization to accelerate the mechanisms of compensation for damage caused by military operations, resolving the file of missing and absentees, and reconstruction, and to start a new phase of solidarity and community cohesion to the present and future of citizens in Iraq, from end to end.