Iraqi News Agency publishes cabinet decisions

Tuesday 29th October 2019 - 18:09

Iraqi News Agency publishes cabinet decisions

Baghdad - INA

The Cabinet held its regular session on October 29, 2019, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and issued the following decisions:

 Approving the draft law of the Third Amendment of the Industrial Investment Law for the private and mixed sectors and referring it to the House of Representatives. Approving the recommendations of the meeting of the Border Ports Operations Room on the congestion of containers as follows:

1. Exemption of containers jammed at the border outlets where a judicial order was issued for destruction as well as containers jammed from 2004 until 31/12/2017.

2. Authorize the Minister of Finance the authority to donate or dispose of goods that have not been awarded the fundamental bid to the public sector in accordance with the law.

3. The General Company for Iraqi Ports disburses an amount of its revenues for the purpose of transporting goods left for destruction.

4. The General Company for Iraqi Exhibitions and the General Authority of Customs not to promote import licenses for companies and authorized managers that have abandoned containers for 6 months for the purpose of inclusion in the prevention system.

5. The General Authority of Customs used the yard allocated by the Municipality of Basra to store the confiscated goods in the area (altoba-alnkheel) belonging to the Directorate of the border region unpaid.

Approve the approval of the Ministerial Council of Energy as follows:

 Approving the contract with the company (north face) for the reasons and justifications established by the Ministry of Oil, taking into account that the financing of the contract will be from the revenues of the Ministry of Oil except for the instructions to implement government contracts.

Approval of the following:

 1.The Inspector General appointed by the Diwaniyy Order (47) for the year 2019 shall be returned to his previous position if he is an employee and to the situation he was in before his appointment as a general inspector. General delivery of assets and files to the Integrity Commission in accordance with the law.

2. The Inspector General who is not covered by the Diwaniya Order (47) for the year 2019 shall be referred to retirement if he is (50) years and above.

3. The Inspector General who does not meet the same age requirement shall be transferred to the ministries and entities not affiliated with the Ministry or the Council of Advisors.

4. The documents, priorities and files in the offices of the general inspectors shall be referred to the Integrity Commission for taking the necessary legal procedures and shall be handed over from the competent inspector in accordance with the law.

5. Assets belonging to the offices of inspectors shall be transferred to the ministry or the entity not associated with the ministry to which it is attached.

6. The staff of the offices of general inspectors of permanent owners, contracts and procedures shall be referred to the ministry or the entity not affiliated with the ministry of which the office is part and in accordance with the law.

7. The Integrity Authority and the Federal Audit Bureau shall have the right to choose the employees who are competent and impartial to work within their formations.

8. The disintegration of the Inspector-General shall be the last function of the Inspector General.

9. Ministers and heads of agencies shall propose the appointment of inspectors as Undersecretary, Counselor or Director General.