For the first time after the defeat of Daesh.. Iraqi musicians in the illuminated orchestra

Sunday 27th October 2019 - 15:26

For the first time after the defeat of Daesh.. Iraqi musicians in the illuminated orchestra



The chords danced to the strings of each violin carried by the shoulders of beautiful female musicians and musicians at an orchestral concert, the first of its kind in an Iraqi city that suffered the scourge of Daesh terrorist crimes nearly two years ago.


Amin Miqdad, the 30-year-old orchestra of Mosul, said the concert included nine female musicians and 20 musicians, all from the city of Mosul. We presented four pieces, the last of my compositions: the soul of the 4th.

The eyes of the female musicians who stood with their colleagues to play the violin were sparked by their first concert, led by a prominent musician from Mosul, the center of Nineveh, northern Iraq, for about an hour on Wednesday evening, amid a popular audience that captured his hearts. Charming with music.The international festival held between Iraq and the Arab Republic of Egypt at the University of Mosul

Happy event ... Umm Kulthum hosted by Mosul freed from ISIS

In the cultural group area opposite Fruity refreshments, on the left side of Mosul, the place where Daesh organization has been carrying out its crimes against the city's residents for three years since mid-2014, and until the group's defeat in late 2017.Al-Kamandj musicians chose the title "Light Orchestra" for their first official orchestra in Mosul, to send a message in their city, Iraq, and the world: the Moslems continue their lives, overcoming the darkness, injustice and harm they have suffered in the past.

The composer and the prominent trainer, Amin Mekdad, led the orchestra concert he organized and attended, presenting with the playlists, the female musicians, beautiful music pieces.