MOI issues a statement regarding Friday’s protests

Thursday 24th October 2019 - 16:47

 MOI issues a statement regarding Friday’s protests


Ministry of Interior – MOI issued a statement regarding the protests on the next Friday.

The official spokesman of MOI stated that the units of the ministry will be highly on alert to be ready for providing protection to the protests on the next Friday and providing means for citizen’s movement, public possessions protection and security.

“PM and Commander in Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces as well as the Minister of Interior ordered to deal responsively with the protesters according to human rights bases and to hold on to the directions of protecting the peaceful protesters and that there is no need to worry about protests as long as lessons were learned from the previous ones. Thus, the security units and the protesters now value that necessity of maintaining peace and avoiding violence,” added MOI spokesman.

He also added that the protesters have all the right to express themselves and stances, “The responsibility of the security forces is to secure the protests and maintaining civil peace to provide protection to the citizens,”