Iraqi News Agency publication of the most important reforms that came in the Prime Minister's speech

Wednesday 23rd October 2019 - 17:38

 Iraqi News Agency publication of the most important reforms that came in the Prime Minister's speech

 Iraqi News Agency publication of the main highlights of the Prime Minister's speech

Baghdad – INA

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that he will address the Iraqi people on Thursday on urgent reform steps and measures.

The following are the most urgent steps and reform measures received by Consciousness:

1. If we convene the House of Representatives next week, we will make ministerial adjustments away from the concepts of quotas, focusing on competencies, the independence of ministers, and a growing presence of youth.

2. The Government emphasizes the importance of the Supreme Judicial Council to form the Central Court for Combating Corruption to hold corrupt persons accountable, and open corruption files clearly and in front of the public opinion, especially those that affect the theft of funds for vital projects such as hospitals, schools, streets, bridges, dams and other basic projects to accommodate more jobs especially for the poor.

Working hard with the legislature to enact a law: where do you get this, includes senior officials, emphasizing the importance of localization of salaries and encircling transactions in paper currency and paper transactions, which helps to expose the inflation of the funds of many officials and enable justice to pursue them.

3- Reducing the salaries of officials up to the fourth degree of presidencies, ministers, members of the House of Representatives, special grades, agents and managers to reach in the high cases by half so that the highest salary and allocations do not exceed 10 million dinars per month, and to include a decline at the appropriate rates in line with the salary scale of the fifth degree and below. And raise the minimum salary.

4. Allocation of funds derived from the reduction of salaries in addition to the State's contribution to the establishment of a social security fund to ensure that no Iraqi remains below the poverty line, and that any Iraqi who has no income or any member of a family without income to receive a monthly grant of not less than 130 thousand dinars, and provides The Council of Ministers to achieve this draft law, which began drafting as soon as the House of Representatives for approval.


5.The preservation of the country's sovereignty comes from respect for the rights and freedoms of the people, as well as the development of its own capabilities to maintain its security and sovereignty and continue to fight terrorism and Daesh .The government has confirmed that it has not granted permission for US forces withdrawing from Syrian territory to remain in Iraqi territory as reported by some media. We have issued an official statement and we are taking all international legal measures and demanding the international community and the United Nations to play their role in this regard.

Any presence of foreign forces must be approved by the Iraqi government and terminated if requested by the Iraqi government.