ATA INA: Iraq's border with Syria is secure

Thursday 17th October 2019 - 15:37

ATA INA: Iraq's border with Syria is secure

Baghdad - INA

The Iraqi-Syrian border is secured by the command of border forces and Iraqi army commanders in the Anbar desert the counterterrorism agency said Thursday.

The military command especially the joint operations is monitoring the situation both on the Iraqi border and inside Syrian territory for fear of leaking Daesh terrorists from prisons that were under the control of the SDF Sabah al-Numan told the official Iraqi News Agency.

As counterterrorism, we are kept up to date and closely following the Turkish army's entry into Syrian territory, he said. The border is secured, there are combat operations, continuous inspections, and the counterterrorism agency is conducting qualitative operations and penetrating into the desert using airplanes and airdrops.