PM: Protests are a way to express a point that we respect and respond to

Wednesday 16th October 2019 - 16:28

PM: Protests are a way to express a point that we respect and respond to


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi met the heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations from around the world and presented the most recent updates in Iraq and the region.

After offering his thanks to all the countries that supported Iraq, Abdel Mahdi talked about the events, crises and the war against terrorism that Iraq went through over years, in addition to the affects it made to the state, the community and the economic growth which resulted in producing unwieldy and bureaucratic state, with no production potentials and lack of working projects.

PM Abdul Mahdi also talked about Daesh terrorist groups and how they were used as internal and external tactical cards that made everyone pay a price afterwards.

“Hereby, we stand united against terrorism where we achieved victory against Daesh in 2014 by the national unity, army’s participation, police, Popular Mobilization Units, Peshmerga, tribes and all the Iraqi people. Daesh is trying to commit terrorist crimes but Iraqi forces are controlling the country’s security to maintain stability. Iraq is a part of the solution and seeks truces in the region in addition to the wide ranges relations with the world wide countries and we refuse the interference in our affairs as we do not interfere in others’ business,” added Abdul Mahdi.

The Prime Minister also added that the 40 years of war and destruction reflected on our community and the social, political and economic situations in addition to the incorrect way of expensing of much amounts of money as many projects have been delayed as a result of corruption.

“To protest is to express one’s point that we must respect and respond to like any other expressions of freedom. We weren’t late to respond and negotiate directly and it’s normal for protests to have leaders and representatives so it won’t be dragged into clashes such as the unfortunate events that happened to our people.”

Abdul Mahdi noted to form investigative committee and the authentications it has to access files professionally.