Four presidents hold a meeting in the presidential palace

Monday 14th October 2019 - 15:56

Four presidents hold a meeting in the presidential palace


President Barham Salih forwarded an invitation of meeting to the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Muhammed al-Halboosi and the president of High Judicial Council, Judge Faeq Zidan.

During the meeting, they discussed the political and security meeting of the current critical time and the recent updates in the country after the protests and the resulted casualties and crimes that led to the death of citizens and military men.

The meeting concluded in few points such as the accurate and immediate investigation around the violence used during the protests and the assaults on Media TV channels.

They also notified regarding any manipulations that may occur during the investigations or any attempts to hide clues and information, in addition to hinder any repetition of crimes of such alike.

One of the resulted decisions after the meeting is to release all the peaceful arrested protesters that were arrested due to escalations occurred during the protests.

The meeting also included a call to everyone to respect the work of journalism and press in addition to maintain their safety during their coverage for the events, as well as to respect the right of the Iraqis to reach out the information provided by the press that is to be accurate and with no biased intentions to show sense of citizenship and consciousness.

A committee to be formed that is consisted of well known Iraqi experts to make a National Strategic Program to detect the gabs in the state system; politics, economy, finance, legislations and culture; to suggest possible solutions and outcomes.

They also discussed calling on all the blocs and political powers in the Parliament and committees to continue their meetings under such circumstances and to fully work in terms of monitoring, legislations achievements, legal amendments to facilitate the work of reform and counter corruption, as well as to focus on executive authority to hasten the time of sending the forth mentioned laws projects.