FM al-Hakeem proceeding during emergency meeting in Cairo

Saturday 12th October 2019 - 15:46

FM al-Hakeem proceeding during emergency meeting in Cairo


Iraqi Foreign Minister Muhammed Ali al-Hakeem said in his proceeding during the emergency meeting of foreign ministers in Arab League, Cairo the following,

“We meet today in an emergency meeting to discuss the updates of the Turkish military troops in Syria. This is a huge breach to the sovereignty and the independence of the country. It would burns out new more conflicts in Syria and the region. This also reduces the means to find a political solution by the international community to end the bleedings of Syria and its people,”

He also added, “Turkish troops in northern Syria are considered as a dangerous escalation that may leads to increase the humanitarian crisis and the suffering of the Syrian people. It will reinforce the ability of terrorism to be reorganized and it would be hard to counter, especially Daesh terrorist groups that threatens the region and the wide world. It threatens the international peace and security. It will affect negatively on the whole region, especially Iraq that still suffers from the traces of the war against Daesh.”

Al-Hakeem called on the Arab League to play positive role in this regard and work on standing by Syria and reactivate it membership in the Arab League, adding, “I call on the international community to hold a responsibility towards the Turkish troops in Syria by reacting rapidly to end the military actions in the country and find a political solution to end the suffering of the people,”

 “Iraq renews his rejection for any interference in Syrian internal affairs and we encourage all the Syrian parties to find a democratic way that guarantees all the rights of Syrian different components, especially after forming the constitutional committee that is to write a new constitution to Syria,”