UN calls to pacification and self restrain in Iraq

Wednesday 02nd October 2019 - 13:07

UN calls to pacification and self restrain in Iraq

INA- Baghdad

The Special Representative of the United Nations’ Secretary General in Iraq Jeanine Plasschaert called today to pacifying and self restrain, expressing at the same time her sorrow about the causalities that happened among demonstrators and security forces.

A statement issued by the media office of the UNAMI said that the Special Representative is concerned with what happened on yesterday’s demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces.

Plasschaert confirmed on the right of demonstration, saying that each person has the right to speak freely in accordance with law, the statement added.

Plasschaert urged the Iraqi authorities on self restrain in dealing with demonstrations to ensure the safety of the peaceful demonstrators besides keeping law, order, citizens protection and private and public properties away from any harm, the statement concluded.