Salih from USA: Iraq is on the verge of positive developments

Wednesday 25th September 2019 - 17:24

Salih from USA: Iraq is on the verge of positive developments

 New York - INA

President of the Republic Dr. Barham Salih, on Wednesday, that Iraq is on the verge of positive developments and will be the starting point for reunification and stability of the region.

President Salih said in a speech to Iraq at the UN General Assembly: Iraq is on the verge of important developments in security, political and economic, and we must evaluate these positive developments and build on them in the light of security stability achieved so far explaining that this stability achieved is an important achievement and must Maintain it.

He added that the terrorist of Daesh project was a malicious scheme to destroy Iraq and the region, despite the great sacrifices recorded by our people and our armed forces from the army, the PMF , the Peshmerga and others on the road to freedom and the fight against terrorism with the help of the international coalition and the friends whom we offer our thanks and appreciation.pointed out that a stable democratic federal Iraq will be a platform for reuniting its brothers and neighbors and enhancing the understanding of the countries of the region to create a regional system based on economic integration and common security, pointing out that the stability achieved in Iraq is precious and important and we expect our neighbors and the international community not to hold Iraq the consequences of their differences and disputes. .