Interior Ministry : Continuing Security operations in Basra

Sunday 01st September 2019 - 11:59

Interior Ministry : Continuing Security operations in Basra


Ina- Baghdad (Hussain Muhammad Al-Fayhan)

Security News

The Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday that security enforcement operations are still going on in Basra, and tribal conflict rioters are arrested. The Interior Ministry spokesman, Major General Saad Maan said to Ina: “The Fast Intervention Force is moving on with enforcing law and order at Al-Midaina District- Basra, and resolving tribal conflicts which caused the death of a number of citizens (after clashes with medium and light weapons)”. He also confirmed arresting a number of wanted persons according to judicial warrants.

Maj. General Maan added: “The law applies to everyone, and there are strict measures against those who violate and tamper with the country’s security and safety. The Interior Ministry is on standby, and there will be no tolerance with tribal disputers”.