PM: Iraq will reply to any attack by all means

Tuesday 27th August 2019 - 19:38

PM: Iraq will reply to any attack by all means


PM and Commander in Chief of Iraqi Armed Forces Adel Abdul Mahdi briefed the recent political and security updates in Iraq during the Cabinet session that was held on Tuesday.

The Cabinet went through the results of investigations regarding the attacks on the weaponry armouries in different areas.

After the attacks, precautious acts have been taken to protect the armouries and strategic orders and plans were explained to deal with possible updates.

Abdul Mahdi explained the readiness of Iraqi Armed Forces to defend Iraq, the people, diplomatic missions and the state, adding, “Iraq will reply back any attacks by all means, whether it was an attack from inside or outside Iraq,”

The Cabinet renewed the full support to the decisions of the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces and the clear vision of controlling the crisis to make sure that the people and armed forces have the required abilities.

They also referred to the PM’s position in the Arab, region and international surrounding by keeping on refusing the escalation in the region and supporting the dialogues in addition to not using Iraq as a place to assault others.

The Cabinet also confirmed that Iraq has the right to take all the legal and diplomatic procedures through the regional associations, Security Council and the UN to defend the sovereignty of the state and maintain security by all the legislated means.