MOI: Regulations facilitated to delegations visiting Iraq

Sunday 25th August 2019 - 20:06

MOI: Regulations facilitated to delegations visiting Iraq


Minister of Interior Yasin Tahir al-Yasiry met the Indonesian Ambassador to Iraq Savzin Nour al-Din in Baghdad on Sunday.

Both discussed the mutual relations between the two countries and the recent security updates in Iraq and the region.

They also talked through the big victories that the armed forces achieved against the terrorist groups in addition to the plans that the security forces follow to maintain security and stability.

Al-Yasiry asserted the importance of mutual cooperation to counter-terrorism and ending the sectarianism in order to spread the love, compassion and peace among the people.

He also noted that the regulations will be much easier to the delegations visiting Iraq and facilitates the documents approvals and others.

On his part, Nour al-Din expressed his happiness to meet the Minister of Interior and his country’s desire to enhance the mutual cooperation with Iraq.