132 KV line and electric station at Safwan District

Wednesday 21st August 2019 - 13:44

132 KV line and electric station at Safwan District

Ina- Baghdad

Local News  

Sabah Al-Bazouni; head of Basra Provincial Council inaugurated on Wednesday the Safwan Mobile Station 132/33 KV (of 45MVA capacity), and the high-pressure feeder line (the first high-pressure source feeding the area). A statement by the Basra Provincial Council (Ina received a copy of) said: “Al-Bazouni inaugurated the station and line with the presence of Director General of Energy Transmission South (Engineer Ziead Ali Fadel), head of the Electricity committee at the Provincial Council (Mujeeb Al-Hassani), Safwan District Director (Talib Al-Hasouna), the Southern Control Center Director (Engineer Asa’ad Muhayer), and the staff members of Energy Transmission South.

“Al-Bazouni said during the ceremony: ‘this project, accomplished by the Energy Transmission- South staff, is a result of coordination between the Local and Federal Governments. Authorizations granted to the Director General of Energy Transmission greatly facilitated the implementation of electricity projects in the governorate and southern Iraq generally. Through this we managed to solve 90 % of the electricity problem in Basra”.

“Director of Electricity Projects said: “The new project included a 132 KV line and a mobile station for the first time in Safwan; contributing to solving the District’s problems; such as- weak voltages supplied to citizens due to long distances power transmission lines. Supply hours are about 22-23 h at peak times. The line and station added more than 30 Megawatts to the district.  A 2020 plan includes adding a fixed station at the same location”.