Marja’: Who holds responsibility behind Iraqis Suffering?

Friday 09th August 2019 - 16:28

Marja’: Who holds responsibility behind Iraqis Suffering?


High Religious Authority – Marja’ represented by Sayyed Ahmed al-Safi explained several points, citizens questions and community cases during Friday’s Sermon.

“Many of specialized, graduate and other people have a group of politic, economic, social and administrative questions that needs answers from the ones who are in charge in the state,” said al-Safi.

He also explained that these questions represent people’s sufferings and they seek answers with solutions.

 “Among the questions, was that ‘Iraqis ask if there is any chance or is there any time reference to solve our problems? Why are we always tired and suffering? Isn’t it about time that we feel better and have our normal rights for a normal life? How long we’ll be running endlessly every day? When these problems will ever end that even the children grown old due to them?’” he added.

Sayyed al-Safi noted that these questions should be answered and not just replying by hopes of only making rules and laws that won’t be applied.

He also wondered saying, “Who hold the responsibly behind Iraqis sufferings?”