Commission of Integrity seizes drugs in Kirkuk

Tuesday 06th August 2019 - 16:10

Commission of Integrity seizes drugs in Kirkuk

Baghdad, INA


Commission of Integrity, announced today on Tuesday, that they seized unauthorized owner of a smuggled drugs.

According to a copy statement received by the Iraqi news agency (INA),that "the stuffs Office of Kirkuk, managed in coordination with the Directorate of intelligence and the Department of health in Kirkuk, perform a set of the drugs owner for dealing with smuggled drugs and other laboratory-vetted."

"The initial investigation found that Turkey was his source for the shipment of medicines entered Kirkuk through Nineveh", pointing out that the bogus pharmacy holds a vacation exercise by pharmacists.

He continued, "it was bogus adjust my assets with markers, display primitives with seized with the defendants on coroner integrity issues in Kirkuk, which decided to suspend them in accordance with the provisions of article (50) of pharmaceutical profession Act (40 of 1970), as well as the codification of the legal representative of