President looks forward to approving Yezidis survivors’ law

Saturday 03rd August 2019 - 15:16

President looks forward to approving Yezidis survivors’ law

INA- Baghdad

The President Barham Salih confirmed today that the massacres performed by “Daesh” criminal gangs against the Yezidis are considered a painful page in our history, which expressed the brutality of the approach and thought of the extremist group and its bloody doctrine.

The media office of the Presidency issued a statement mentioning the President’s reference for the fifth anniversary of the genocide committed against Yezidis, and his expectance from the Parliament to approve quickly the bill of Yezidi survivors sent since the end of last March by the Presidency to ensure those hurt people and compensate them morally and materially.

Salih called the international community to focus its efforts to find out the fate of kidnapped Yezidis gripped by “Daesh” gangs, besides accounting the terrorist group on its multiple terrible crimes against Iraqis according to the UN resolution no. 2379 on 2017, and ensuring never repeating such deeds in future, the statement showed.

The President greeted with pride all sacrifices delivered by Yezidis in the war against terrorism, and their bravery and patience to endure the horrible criminals performed against them, the statement concluded.