Kaabi calls to reconstruct Sinjar quickly

Saturday 03rd August 2019 - 15:15

Kaabi calls to reconstruct Sinjar quickly

INA- Baghdad

The First Deputy of the Parliament’s Speaker Hassan Kaabi called today to condense all efforts of the concerned authorities to speed up reconstructing the city of Sinjar.

A statement issued by the First Deputy of the parliament’s Speaker’s media office transformed on Kaabi saying, on the annual occasion of genociding the Yezidid, that the Yezidis victims of “Daesh” criminal gangs still in need for more public support on all sides, confirming on the role of the international community in tracing the criminals and punishing them on all they did of brutal actions against all Iraqis, and the necessity of the serious move to approve it as a genocide crime.

The First Deputy affirmed on the importance of liberating all Yezidis who are still on the hands of “Daesh” gangs, and to back others to their home city after availing security and stability in Sinjar, pledging to increase the funds of the Mass Graves Office to contribute uncovering all graves in Sinjar, and enhancing security there, the statement concluded.