President Salih Receives Top Iraqi Journalists, Writers

Thursday 01st August 2019 - 19:27

President Salih Receives Top Iraqi Journalists, Writers


President Salih welcomed journalists and writers into the Presidential Office today, including the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Muayad al-Lami.

During the meeting, the President noted the myriad of responsibilities of the Iraqi media today, which include addressing issues related to the political, security, and economic arenas. He also noted that they play a role in addressing misguided takfiri rhetoric, as well as how important the media is as a building block of society.

The President noted the great successes so far in national and international reporting, and emphasized the need to support journalists and those who work in the media industry broadly.

Domestic affairs, in addition to regional and international reporting and writing, were also discussed.

For their part, the visiting delegation provided a review of the media industry in Iraq and obstacles it faces, particularly print journalism.