Al-Kaabi hails the vote on elections law amendment

Tuesday 23rd July 2019 - 13:26

Al-Kaabi hails the vote on elections law amendment


The First Deputy  Speaker, Hassan Karim al-Kaabi called on Tuesday, on the government and the  Independent High Electoral Commission, to set all the required procedures to ensure the success and theintegrityof the electoral operation.

The First Deputy Speaker media office in a statement, and INA received a copy of, said that Al-Kaabi expressed appreciation for the great efforts exerted by the Parliament's presidency commission and the committees of Regions and Governorates Affairs and the legalaffairs parliamentary committeeand lawmakers for the vote on the first amendment of the Provincial Councils Elections Law not organized in Regions and Districts No.12, 2018.

Al-Kaabi asserted that the voted law is a basic pillar in the stability of cities and strengthening the bases of democracy in the country.