Prime Minister supervises military operation north of Baghdad

Saturday 20th July 2019 - 15:02

Prime Minister supervises military operation north of Baghdad

INA- Baghdad

The Prime Minister, the General Command of the Armed Forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi supervised on the dawn time of today on field the launching of the second phase of “Iradat An-nasr” military operation in north Baghdad and its surroundings, which its first page started in the early first hours of this day.

A statement issued by the Prime Ministry Media Office said that Mahdi visited the joint forces and the headquarters of the military units in Tarmiya and Mushahda areas, and met with the commanders, who made ample explanation about the plans and procedures taken in this operation in order to settle security and enforce law in these areas, preventing ISIS criminal gangs from having any opportunity to infiltrate in or use them as passages to fulfill terrorist operations.

The statement showed the General Command ordered all military units to perform their duties with high profession, with full support and cooperation from the residents of those areas.

Mahdi addressed the commanders by saying that our people’s unity and its cooperation with the armed forces ensure the availability of security and stability, and would present the conditions to offer the services for the citizens.

The Prime Minister field tour was escorted by high rank officials, including the Ministers of Interior and Defence and the Head of Popular Mobilization Commission, besides some high commanders in Baghdad operation Command, the Joint Operations, the Federal Police Forces, the Response Forces, and Air Forces, the statement concluded.

(Translated by: Baha Salman, 20/07/2019)