Commission of Integrity: Costs of Lagging Projects in Najaf Approach 1.25 b. US Dollars

Wednesday 17th July 2019 - 15:09

Commission of Integrity: Costs of Lagging Projects in Najaf Approach 1.25 b. US Dollars

 INA, Baghdad-

Iraqi Commission of Integrity announced on Wednesday that the total cost of the largest lagging investment projects in Najaf province reached around 1,250,000,000.00 US dollars.

A statement by the commission, a copy of which received by INA, announced that ‘the commission’s investigation bureau has confirmed that the total number of lagging projects in Najaf province amounted to 240 projects in all. Out of these 104 projects are funded by the central government, including 45 projects burdened by financial and administrative violations.’

The statement points out that the largest of the projects financed by the central government were: ‘Project to rehabilitate, pave and sidewalk- curbstone’ of Hay Al-Nasr streets, for over (22.6 billion $), and ‘Project to erect and equip the Southern Kufa water unit’, for (6.5 billion $). 

Funded lagging investment projects referred by ‘Al-Najaf Investment Committee’ numbered 136 projects, most important of them were ‘Bab Ali Residential Complex’, which cost approached (248.2 million dollars), the construction of a residential complex for academics, for around (245 million dollars) and the ‘Jannat Al-Najaf’ and the ‘Juristics’ residential complexes for (168 million dollars) and (129 million dollars), respectively. In addition to those there have been two other projects: the ‘Cement Production Plant’ and the ‘Industrial City’ which reached over (270 million dollars) and (170 million dollars), respectively, as well as a number of other important projects.

The statement drew attention also to some important lagging projects against which criminal and media cases were opened, like the ‘Monorail Train’ and building a pharmaceutical plant, as well as establishing a residential complex consisting of (2200) residential units, and tourist hotels, entertainment complexes, and commercial buildings.