President Salih Reprobates the Assault on Bahrain Embassy

Friday 28th June 2019 - 15:40

President Salih Reprobates the Assault on Bahrain Embassy


President Barham Salih, on Friday, received a phone call from the Bahraini monarch King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The King Hamad expressed his appreciation for the measures taken by the Iraqi government following the attack on the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

King Al Khalifa lauded the bilateral relations between the two countries and highlighted the need to enhance them to serve the two brotherly peoples.

During the phone call, President Salih reprobated the disgraceful assault against the Bahraini embassy and stressedth "commitment of the Iraqi State to protect the diplomatic facilities."

President Salih indicated that "these actions have not been to the Iraqi interest and that the government has taken measures to hold those involved and defaulters accountable".

The President added, "Iraq is proud of its relations with brothers in Bahrain and will leave no room for undermining the fraternal bonds between the two peoples.”