President Salih Meets British Prime Minister

Wednesday 26th June 2019 - 19:45

President Salih Meets British Prime Minister


President Barham Salih held joint talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May, in London, Tuesday.

Salih highlighted the importance of upgrading bilateral relations between the two countries and expanding prospects of cooperation in all fields thus to serve the mutual interests of the two friendly peoples.

He referred to the need for the British government to play an active role in promoting the stability of the region and reducing tensions there.

The President valued Britain's role in the fight against terrorism as well as its ongoing contribution to supporting, training and equipping the Iraqi security forces.

He wished that Britain distinctively contributes to the construction and reconstruction dynamics, notably in the liberated areas.

For her part, May commended the policy pursued by Iraq to mitigate the situation on the Arab and regional arenas as well as President Barham Salih’s role in promoting national unity.

The British Prime Minister reiterated her support for the Iraqi people and their government in order to achieve stability and advancement.

During the meeting, they reviewed the latest developments in the region. Emphasis was placed on intensifying efforts to defuse the crisis there.

The two sides also touched on the efforts exerted in the war against terrorism and the need to beef up cooperation and coordination among the various regional and international actors to address this threat to global peace and security.