Iraqdoesn’t want to be stage of any aggression

Wednesday 26th June 2019 - 11:51

Iraqdoesn’t want to be stage of any aggression

INA- London

The President Barham Salih confirmed today that Iraq does not want to be a stage to any aggressive action against any of its neighbors, including Iran.

Salih showed during an interview with CNN that it’s easy to begin a war, but it’s so difficult to finish it.

When asked about the mission of the US forces in Iraq, the President replied that Iraqi Government issued a clear statement explaining the presence of the US forces and the coalition forces in Iraq is based on a call from the Iraqi authorities to fulfill a precise target, which is fighting ISIS.

Salih proceeded by saying: “Saddam Hussein was a unique dictator who committed genocides and engaged in aggressive attacks across the region, and represented a direct threat on his own people, and my generation witnessed all that, and Iraqis were eager to have a real change.”