PM Abdul Mahdi gives important statement

Tuesday 18th June 2019 - 20:52

PM Abdul Mahdi gives important statement


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi gave an important statement regarding the recent updates that the country is going through.

Abdul Mahdi included in his statement that the country has been through complicated circumstances, locally and abroad.

“Since resolving the army, occupying the Iraq, foreign troops on the lands, foreign interferences, and unknown armed forces, to using Iraq as an area for weaponry business against targets that is out of the Iraqi state will,” he said.

He also stated that the country has suffered from destruction and terrorism especially, Qaeda and Daesh terrorist groups as it occupied many areas in the country where the Iraqi forces fought by having joint efforts between the army, police, Popular Mobilization Units, Bishmarga and the volunteered in addition to US-Led coalition and the befriended countries to achieve the victory against terrorism.

“Hence, all this requires the state to gain back its superiority and strength in addition to the full control on the lands in order to accomplish stability and sovereignty,” he added.

The Prime Minister also included points to regard in his statement as the following,

  • Any foreign troops are hindered from being in the Iraqi lands without permissions, agreements or control by the Iraqi government.  
  • Any state from region or outside it is restricted from being in Iraq or practicing any activity against any other part whether it was a country or foreigners inside the country with having an agreement with Iraqi government.
  • Any Iraqi or non-Iraqi armed forces are restricted from working outside the Iraqi Armed Forces work frame or outside the command of the Chief Commander of Iraqi Armed Forces.
  • Any armed forces working under the name of the Iraqi Armed Forces and under the command of the Chief Commander of Iraqi Armed Forces, is restricted from making any movement, operations, making facilities or industries without the acknowledgement or permission of the Iraqi Armed Forces control supervised the Chief Commander.

PM also added, “We know that the successful implementation requires time. The complications and sensitivities are many. The parties are varied and the breaches are many as well. Yet, since we have taken the responsibility to maintain the positive steps, we have started to accomplish them and overcome negativity at the same time. We made new plans to achieve the full control of the state to implement the notes mentioned above and to maintain the fight against terrorism and provide stability and security.