Political Leaders assert on Unified Iraqi Policy Document and Consummation of Ministerial Cabinet

Tuesday 18th June 2019 - 15:42

Political Leaders assert on Unified Iraqi Policy Document and Consummation of Ministerial Cabinet


President Barham Salih hosted the third periodic meeting of political leaders at the Salam Palace in Baghdad on Monday.

The meeting included the attendance of the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The participants deliberated about the Religious Supreme Authority's speech on June 14, as well as the internal and regional developments.

Emphasis was placed on the following:

1- Giving priority to the dossier of services in relation to government performance, supporting the political forces in a manner that mitigate the suffering of the people, and that the dossier of electricity must be given an exceptional effort in attention, performance and monitoring of implementation.

2- The importance of hard, frank and transparent action made by the State authorities as well as the political, societal and media powers in order to confront and halt the rampant corruption. Emphasis was placed on the principle of the rule of law to build a harmonious State that is free of the scourge of corruption, which, alongside terrorism and violence, bears the responsibilities of many defaults in various facilities and fields. The meeting also stressed the need for cooperation of all, from the State’s institutions to political forces, in order to facilitate measures for addressing corruption and holding the corrupt accountable. The participants agreed that their political forces will not be a cover to any corrupt whatever post he holds.

3- The participants stressed on showing support for the executive and legislative authorities to enable them to review laws that could cause social differences or give unfair privileges.

4- The Participants agreed on the need to "complete" the ministerial cabinet, with a maximum period of two weeks from now thus to enhance confidence in the capability of the parliament’s political forces to overcome differences and prevent these bottlenecks in such circumstances.

5- The political forces are committed to distancing the State from partisan quotas and that the selection must be on the basis of competence, professionalism, and integrity as well as the career progression in a way that ensures the observance of national balance.

6- Support the security and intelligence efforts to eradicate terrorism, and prop up the security of the citizen from any outrages or infringement on his rights by any party.

7- During the meeting, emphasis was placed on the adherence to the ministerial platform, the government program, and the National Policy Framework Document which had been agreed upon at the first meeting on May 19, 2019.

Emphasis was also placed on supporting the government and the constitutional institutions in implementing its provisions and adhering to its concepts, thereby preventing Iraq from being caught in the throes of regional conflicts.

In such sensitive circumstances, the participants emphasized the importance of taking into account the specificity of the national situation and giving priority to the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis. Otherwise, any party that deliberately deviates from the principles of the unified national action is outside the national consensus and the authority of the State as well as the State’s constitutional institutions thus makes him in a hostile position to the State and also to the interests of the people.

In this context, the participants agreed that the political forces support the Government and the authorities that will monitor the commitments to these national policies in order to enforce the law and to address any lawlessness.

The text of the National Framework Document for a Unified Iraqi Policy will be published soon.