MOP: decrease in monthly inflation rate

Sunday 16th June 2019 - 12:36

MOP: decrease in monthly inflation rate


Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced, on Sunday, the decrease in monthly inflation rates to 0.6 percent, and a decrease in the annual rate for the last May by 0.8 percent.

The Ministry spokesman, Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, said in statement, which INA received a copy of, that the general index of February 2019 in Iraq reached 103.8 percent, with a fall of 0.6, in comparison with April of the same year.

Al-Hindawi attributed that to the decrease in food and nonalcoholic drinks department by 1.4 percent and accommodation dept. by 0.6 percent, domestic appliances and maintenance dept. by 0.4 percent, the transport and communication dept. by 0.3 percent, the entertainment and culture dept. by 0. 1 percent and the restaurants and hotels dept. by 0.3 percent.The spokesman pointed out that the annual inflation rate lowered in May 2019 by 0.8 percent in comparison with May 2018 which the index reached then 104.6 percent.