Marja’ issues statement during Jihad against Daesh anniversary

Friday 14th June 2019 - 15:02

Marja’ issues statement during Jihad against Daesh anniversary


Highest Religious Authority in Iraq, Marja’ represented by Sayyed Ahmed al-Safi issued a statement under the pretext of Jihad against Daesh anniversary on Friday’s sermon.

The statement included that the Marja’ released fatwa for unifying the efforts and called on all Iraqis of whom is able to carry weapon to join the security forces and fight against Daesh terrorist groups in 2014.

After this call, Iraqis of different components stood together against terrorism and achieved the huge victory against one of the fiercest enemies.

During this fight, many martyrs and young spirits were sacrificed for the sake of their country and protecting their own families and lands.

After the war ended, political parties had disputes to gain some positions especially, the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the disputes still stand between completing the ministerial cabinet and still not able to end corruption, lack of job opportunities and the lack of general services.

The statement also included the situations in the region and the tensions that have been increasing lately and warned about the escalation of such dangerous updates.

Sayyed al-Safi also said that the security forces must increase the cleaning process in the recaptured areas and maintain security and stability in addition to make sure to end Daesh remnants in these areas and to focus on the intelligence joint work.