President: Positions Coordination with European Countries for Regional Crises is importance

Saturday 08th June 2019 - 16:02

President: Positions Coordination with European Countries for Regional Crises is importance


President Barham Salih received the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his accompanying delegation on Saturday.

Salih welcomed the visiting delegation, and asserted the importance of enhancing relations between the two countries as well as investing opportunities to consolidate bilateral cooperation in order to achieve common interests, notably in the economic and industrial fields.

The President commended the international coalition’s efforts in propping up Iraq in various fields and Germany’s backup for the Iraqi people, particularly in the area of repatriating the internally displaced people and providing support for them.

He stressed on Iraq's keen desire for the need to coordinate positions with the European countries about several important issues as well as on developments on both regional and international arenas.

He also reiterated Iraq's steadfast stance towards regional crises.

At the same time, President Salih articulated that the establishment of a stable regional system and the enhancement of positive international integration as well as the recognition of mutual interests are the way to distance Iraq and the region from the spectre of conflicts.

“Iraq is an essential part of its Arab and Islamic depth, and our responsibilities of this role cannot be relinquished in accordance to the principle of mutual and shared interests in achieving peace and security in the region,” added President Salih, noting “We will continue on unifying efforts in order to adopt the language of constructive dialogue, and to distance from the logic of interference in the affairs of States,”

Salih highlighted the importance of Germany’s supportive role for efforts to achieve peace and alleviate tension in the region so that its people enjoy a better and prosperous future.

For his part, Maas renewed the German Government's commitment to support Iraq in all fields and its keenness to expand the prospects of bilateral cooperation.

The German Foreign Minister lauded Iraq's pivotal role for strengthening the foundations of peace, security and stability.