President Salih: Iraq Stems from Supreme National Interests

Sunday 02nd June 2019 - 21:25

President Salih: Iraq Stems from Supreme National Interests


President Barham Salih asserted that Iraq's stances and handling of the crisis in the region stems from the independence of its national decision and its clear policy to sparing the region further escalation, tension and crises in a manner that preserves its national interests and protects the achieved stability for the Iraqis and the peoples of the region.

This came during his meeting with the Iranian ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi, in Baghdad on Sunday.

The President highlighted the importance of enhancing bilateral relations between Iraq and Iran and ways to develop them in addition to conferring about the latest political developments on the Arab and regional arenas, and discussing ways to enhance the friendly relations and cooperation between the two neighbouring countries.

Salih also indicated that the historic responsibility, in the midst of the complex circumstances in the region, made it imperative upon us to make efforts in order to mitigate tensions and prevent any escalation that threatens the stability of our peoples as well as the importance of pursuing a keen and constructive dialogue in addressing the crises.

He stressed on the necessity for respecting the sovereignty of States.

For his part, Ambassador Masjedi renewed his country's support for Iraq and Iran’s keenness to enhance joint action between the two countries.

He lauded Iraq's positions at both international and regional levels.