Abdul Mahdi - Al Thani meeting: Mutual cooperation and MOUs signed

Wednesday 29th May 2019 - 21:20

Abdul Mahdi - Al Thani meeting: Mutual cooperation and MOUs signed


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi and the Amir of Qatar held a meeting on Wednesday.

Both have discussed the mutual relations, economic and investment cooperation, regional updates and the role of both countries in terms of maintaining security and stability in the region and to reduce the tension.

“We seek for bringing back the historical role of Iraq in the Arab and the entire region and for Baghdad to be the home of peace,” said Abdel Mahdi.

He also asserted that Iraq is seeking to make strong ties with the Arab and Islamic regions to build save cities.

“Iraq suffered many years of war due to previous regime that we are paying the price today, especially in the regards of Kuwait debts. This came in addiotion to the terrorist attack that we defeated and maintained stability in the country,” he added.

On his part, Amir of Qatar expressed his regards to the delegation and that Iraq has a special importance in the Arab and Islamic region.

“We are aware of all the pain that the country has been through during wars, especially the war against Daesh terrorist groups,” said Amir of Qatar.

The Iraqi-Qatar committee also held a meeting to discuss economy, investment, culture, science, education, sport, reconstruction, electricity, oil and mutual visa authorization.

Both have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding in terms of culture and education.