PM condoles Islamic World by Imam Ali’s martyrdom

Monday 27th May 2019 - 09:47

PM condoles Islamic World by Imam Ali’s martyrdom

INA- Baghdad

The Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi issued a letter of condolence to the Islamic World by the occasion of Imam Ali’s Martyrdom, participating his deep grief with all Iraqis and the Islamic nations.

In his letter, PM affirmed of Imam Ali’s high morality and virtue, besides his favor over Iraq and Iraqis by choosing Kufa as his capital, so a pioneer school and culture was established there, extended for 14 centuries, letting Iraq to be the World’s capital for many centuries.

Imam Ali chose Najaf as his shrine, so it became a convergence focus for religious scholars and visitors, and stable place for a school exceeding one thousand years, gave the world high rank Moslem clerks, PM added.

Mahdi concluded that this disastrous accident which happened in this holy month of Ramadan is calling us to follow Imam Ali’s march and justice, and all high values he caught in his honorable life.